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Friday, July 29, 2016

Task 1. Make a Conversation of “Suggest And Offer”

Group :

  1. Candra Puspita Sari          (06)        as            CAN
  2. Faiz Azfar Al Aizat          (10)        as            AZ
  3. Laila Meika Rachmawati  (16)        as            EL
  4. Nurmaliza Utari                 (22)        as            LIZ

Task 1. Make a Conversation of “Suggest And Offer”
Let’s go to the beach
It’s a nice sunny day at afternoon. Cand, Az, El and Liz are video calling at Skype. They don’t know
what to say at first. But then, Cand break the silence.
CAND    : Hey, umm, the weather is good. Not too hot and not too cold.
AZ           : Yeah, and the sky is so blue.
EL            : What should we do then?
LIZ          : Let’s go to park!!!
CAND    : No! What can we do in the park? I think park is boring.
AZ           : I think park is a good idea. What do you think El?
EL            : I think we’d better go to the beach… how about it?
CAND    : I like your idea. Let’s go to the beach.
LIZ          : Yeah, let’s go to the beach. But how we get there?
AZ           : We can borrow my brother’s car if you like. He will kindly drive for us. But you all have to come at my house first. I don’t wanna pick all of you up.
EL            : That’s okay.
LIZ          : Wait… what beach?
CAND    : What about Baron beach?
AZ           : No! Nowadays, Baron beach is so dirty.
EL            : What about Pok Tunggal beach?
LIZ          : No! The road to get there is so hard. The road is still made of hard stones.
CAND    : Where then?
AZ           : What about Indrayanti beach?
EL            : I heard that the wave there was so huge.
LIZ          : Why don’t we go to Nguyahan beach? I think that beach is beautiful.
CAND    : Yeah, I agree with you. I went there once.
AZ           : It’s Nguyahan then. I can bring some beverages for us, if you like.
EL            : Yes, I like it. I will buy the gases, if you wouldn’t mind
AZ           : Yes, please, that would be very kind of you
LIZ          : I and Cand will bring the snack then.
CAND    : Yes, I wouldn’t mind.
EL            : When will we go?
LIZ          : How about 4.30 pm. We can watch the sunset at 5.45.
CAND    : Yeah! After that, we can have dinner there.
AZ           : Because tomorrow is my birthday, I will get the dinner for you all freely. I’ll pay it for you.
LIZ          : Aww, thank you. That’s sweet of you.
EL            : Yes, thank you so much. Now, I think we better go home and prepare all that we need.
CAND    : Okay, bye..
AZ,EL,LIZ: Bye..
Then, they log out of Skype and prepare all that they need.


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